Benefits of Integrated Marketing Campaigns

integrated marketing is actually not a new concept. IMC is a simple concept. It utilizes various forms of communication as a single, all-in-one solution. In other words, it integrates all promotional tools so these tools can be used together in a harmony. The example of the tools are direct mail, sales promotions, public relations, exhibitions, internet and so forth. In order to work successfully, all tools should work in synergy, not in isolation. It means that all of the tools should be linked together. This is what’s called a creative synergy. If you want to perform a perfect IMC, you should achieve a high level of integration otherwise the IMC will fail. All marketing members should work together cooperatively to achieve the goals. Indeed, IMC needs a lot of effort but when it is done properly, you can get lots of benefits.

IMC can help your business attain competitive advantages, increase sales and profits, enhancing relationship with customers, and save time, money, and energy simultaneously. IMC assist customers to deal with your business start from the beginning until the very end. In other words, this marketing strategies help consumers in almost every stage of their buying process. IMC assists a company to associate its image, establish a healthy interaction between buyer and seller which eventually build a closer bond. This close relationship does not last in a short time but it can last longer as IMC help nurture the relationship. With a good relationship, customers can be more loyal to the business. They won’t be influenced by your competitors. For this reason, it can be seen clearly that integrated marketing communication brings a powerful competitive advantage to a business.

An effective IMC can also escalate a company’s profit. Basically, an integrated message is much more powerful than an isolated myriad of messages. Delivering a consistent, merged, clear communication marketing strategy gives a greater impact that can influence consumers directly than bombarding consumers with hundreds commercial messages every single time. It is also proven that sharing images across various channels generates advertising awareness and create response to the mailshot at once.

Furthermore, IMC help companies improve their sales by integrating messages through various

communication and business functions. As a result, consumers will be more aware about your business and ultimately buy your product repetitively. These linked messages provide buyers with relevant information, timely reminders, and even special offers that ease them during the buying process.

With so many benefits that IMC can offer, it is no wonder that many companies and business owners choose IMC over unintegrated communication. Unlike IMC, disintegrated communication send fragmented messages which dilute message purpose and often confuse, disturb, and possibly cause anxiety for some customers. On the other hand, integrated marketing communications containing consistent, relevant, and valuable messages generate a comforting sense of order. That is why this marketing concept is widely adopted by many modern businesses in this digital world. The concept is perceived positively by business owners as it is considered as more profitable, useful, and practical.